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Cyber Security

Technology over the past few decades has become an increasingly integral aspect of the workplace. In recent years, headlines about cyber security have become increasingly commonplace. Thieves steal customer social security numbers from big corporations' computer systems. Unscrupulous hackers grab passwords and personal information from social media sites, or pluck company secrets from the cloud. For companies of all sizes (big or small), keeping information safe is a growing concern.

Cyber security is a vast growing area and consists of all the technologies and practices that keep computer systems and electronic data safe. And, in a world where more and more of our business and social lives are online, it's an enormous and growing field.

The Cyber Security specialisation will provide you with the range of skills required for an increasingly connected world, where security of information is critical. The curriculum covers many topics, including risk management and cryptosystems, biometrics and ethical hacking. Subjects are aimed at a holistic approach to cyber security and are paired with insights from industry experts.

Students can get in depth knowledge and learn about cyber security fundamentals, block chain, network security, digital forensic and penetrating testing, risk mitigation, legal and ethical framework,

There is a huge shortage of qualified cyber security professionals all around the world.

Related Career Options: 

Cyber Security Analyst, Cyber Security Officer, Technical IT Security Officer, Network Security Engineer, Digital Forensic Practitioner (Acquisition and Analysis), Information Security Auditor, Information Security Analyst, Security Consultant, Software Auditor, Systems Administrator (Security), Information Security Officer, Penetration Tester, Computer Forensics Investigator, Computer Forensic Analyst, Network Security Investigator


Popular PG courses in Australia

-Master of Cyber Security (Edith Cowen University)

-Master of Cyber Security (La Trobe University)

-Master of Cyber Security (University of New Castle)

-Master of Cyber Security (Deakin University)

-Master of Cyber Security (Swinburne University of Technology)

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