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Finance & Banking

Banking & Finance courses prepare students with relevant knowledge and skills to face challenges in the banking industry. Banking and Finance programs is a widely provided course in universities and colleges around the world. The degree course is mainly elected by students who want to work in the field of retail banking, equity funds, insurance, investment , and capitalism.

Such courses will give you a thorough understanding of the banking and finance industry. Apart from this it develops your expertise across key areas of contemporary banking, such as banking management, lending and credit management, portfolio management, money markets, financial management, risk management and customer relationship management.

There are many business schools around the world that are well known particularly for this program.


  • Work in retail banking, corporate investing, consulting, private equity, venture capitalism
  • Work as a Business Analyst, Finance & Insurance Manager, Business Risk Manager, Investment Banker or Finance Controller
  • Students can also appear for other competitive examinations for banking institutions for assistant officers, probationary officer’s positions or branch head post

Almost all Australian universities and some private college have banking and finance specialisation

Popular PG courses in Australia 

-Master of Finance & Banking at Macquarie University 

-Master of Financial Planning at CQ University 

-Master of Financial Analysis (Financial Risk Management) at La Trobe University 

-Master of Finance & Banking at Swinburne University of Technology 



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