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Update on UK priority visa processing

 Under the now-restored “Priority” and “Super Priority” services, eligible students applying for a visa from outside of the UK can pay an additional fee for expedited processing.

    -The priority service is available for a surcharge of £500 above the normal application fee, and results in a decision on the student’s visa application within five working days.

    -Eligible students requiring an even faster turnaround on visa applications may opt for a Super Priority Service. It costs an additional £800 (over and above the base application fee), and results in a decision on the applicant’s file by the end of the next working day.

According to the latest update from VFS Global, the Priority Visa (PV) and Super Priority Visa (SPV) services can now be purchased offline at their visa Application Centre prior to submitting your biometrics.

British High Commissioner to India Hon. Alex Ellis on Tuesday in an update for Indian students heading to the UK this fall said the priority and super priority visas are now available for students in a bid to tackle high demand. He said "India first again. I’m delighted that Indian nationals were issued the largest number of UK study, work and visitor visas in the year ending June 2022.” Indian nationals accounted for the highest proportion (28%) of visitor visas granted by the UK. More than 258,000 Indian nationals received visit visas in the year ending June 2022,– a 630% increase compared to the previous year (when travel restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic were still in place)" 


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