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US F1 visa appointment wait times leave students confused

Students who have received I-20 from US universities are confused due to long appointment wait times at US consulates in Hyderabad and New Delhi. They are confused between options whether to wait for the slot or consider other alternative countries to fulfill their dream of abroad study as few days are left for September intake.

Speaking to one news channel,  a student who recently got I-20 for master’s education but did not get an F1 visa is confused between options whether to wait for the slot to reapply for the visa or consider other countries such as Australia or UK for further studies. He is not the only student who is confused. There are many such students. The reason behind the confusion is long US visa appointment wait times.

At the US consulate located in the national capital, the wait time for a student visa is 471 calendar days whereas, in Hyderabad, it is 479 calendar days. Despite waiting for hundreds of days, the chances of getting an F1 visa are thin. In recent days, US officers have refused visas to many students.

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