Study Abroad Game Plan

Before you decide to study abroad you must explore various study abroad options, it’s always good to know in-depth details of studying in a foreign country for a better informed decision. Students must do sufficient research and ask their education consultants all questions related to the country, university/college, course, fee, visa formalities, student jobs, post study work options etc

This article is written by Mr Nishi Borra (Managing Director - Uni2Go) to help students navigate the hectic process of preparing to study abroad. I hope the experience and points mentioned in this article will help you avoid mistakes and help you take an informed decision.


So finally you have decided to study abroad and now its time to get acquainted with the various steps or stages involved

Planning phase & making the right decision

Place of study - Country/City

The University/ College



Personal / Financial

Student Visa

Travel & Accommodation

I hope the pointers I shared above will help you all in making an informed & error-free decision with your study abroad journey.

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Good Luck