Study in Ireland

Irish Education System

The Irish education system has a lot of similarities with UK which in itself explains the quality it provides to its students.

Higher education (also known as or Third-Level)

According to the Irish education system, higher education is known as third-level education. The higher education comprises universities, colleges, and institutes of technology, most of which are Irish government funded.

Ireland has a total of 7 universities, 7 colleges of education, 15 private higher education institutions and 14 Institutes of Technology (IoT) and some other private institutes that offer courses in popular disciplines like management, business studies, law, medical science, etc.

In Ireland, most qualifications fit into what is known as the The National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ). The NFQ specifies the standards of Irish education qualifications. It measure and compares the learning standards and achievements of qualifications and also facilitates the transfer between institutions.

Duration of Higher Education in Ireland

Level Program Duration
Level 7 Bachelor's Degree ( 3 years) 3 years
Level 7 Bachelors Degree (in medicine, dentistry, veritinary science) 5-6 years
Level 8 Bachelors Degree (Honours) 4 years
Level 9 Master's Degree 16-24 months
Level 10 PHd or other Doctoral Degrees 3 to 4 years