UK Graduate work

The Graduate Immigration Route is a new work visa available from 1 st July 2021 for eligible international students. Here’s what you need to know:

 It will apply to those who have successfully graduated from an undergraduate or master’s degree or have completed a PhD.

 Successful applicants will have permission to stay and work in the UK at any skill level for a maximum period of two (2)years. PhD graduates will be able to stay for three (3) years.

 This route will be available to international stdents who graduate from the summer of 2021 and who meet the necessary criteria.

It current visa fee is of £700 and students also need to pay the Immigration Health Surcharge at the full rate of £624 per year. When your Graduate route permission is issued you can do any work, can take work at any level of salary or skill, be either employed or self- employed, except working as a professional sportsperson or coach. 

The graduate route is non-extendable and does not count towards settlement. However, graduates who find an appropriate job and meet the requirements will be able to apply to work routes, including the Skilled Worker.

CLICK HERE : Fact sheet: Graduate Immigration Route