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The SAT Reasoning Test was formerly known as Scholastic Aptitude Test and Scholastic Assessment Test is a standardized test for undergraduate college admissions in the United States. Many US & Canadian universities use this test for their undergraduate admission process.

The SAT is owned, published, and developed by the College Board, a non-profit organization in the United States, and was once developed, published, and scored by the Educational Testing Service(ETS). ETS now administers the exam.

SAT consist of the general SAT Reasoning Test and SAT Subject Test.

The SAT is typically taken by high school juniors and seniors, it tells students how well they use the skills and knowledge they have attained in and outside of the classroom- including how they think, solve problems, and communicate. The SAT is an important resource for colleges. It’s also one of the best predictors of how well students will do in college.

Duration & Format: 3 hours without the essay or 3 hours 50 minutes with the essay


Reading 52 questions / 65 minutes Passages or pairs of passages (literature, historical documents, social sciences, and natural sciences)
Writing & Language 44 questions / 35 minutes Grammar, vocabulary in context, and editing skills
Math 20 questions (no calculator) / 25 minutes 38 questions (with calculator) / 35 minutes Algebra I and II, geometry, and some trigonometry
Essay (optional) 1 essay 50 minutes Read a passage and explain how the author builds a persuasive argument
Score Range : 400-1600
Average Score :1068
Test Fee : USD 94 without the essay and USD 106 with essay


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